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PRE-SCHOOL (Nursery-Kinder 2)

The nursery-kindergarten program is the child’s foundation for learning. From here, a child starts to discover the basic things about their environment and the people around them. The AMA International School will help them reach their maximum learning potential to become well-balanced individuals and become emotionally, mentally and socially competitive in the growing up stages.
Course Content
Following are the Subjects offered
  1. Language I    : English
  2. Language II   : Arabic/French
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies
  6. Computer Education
  7. Physical Education
  8. Bahrain Government and Citizenship
  9. Islamic Education
  10. Music
  11. Arts
Personal Social Development
Cultivates children to learn how to work, play, cooperate with others and function in a group beyond the family. It covers personal, social and academic development.
Language and Literacy
Language comprehension, focusing on understanding and skills development, where the focus is on children’s developing competencies in writing, speaking, reading and listening.

Arabic Language Program is as per the Bahrain Ministry of Education. Islamic Studies: Quran recitation in formal Arabic.
Developing number skills through practical activities, the focus is on achievement through practical activities and on understanding and using language in the development of simple mathematical ideas.
Physical Development
Streaming and development of physical abilities in indoor and outdoor environments
Creative Development
Development of creative expression and imagination
Science and Technology
A hands-on approach to learning earth, physical and life science education, with an emphasis on skills development
Social Studies
Knowledge and understanding of the world, discovering the world, its people and their ways of life, learn to respect, for the other cultures and nationalities, development of social skills like manners and ethics, with a combination of geography and Bahrain / world history.
Computer Education

The computer activity lessons for Preschool are based on the topics and theme the class teacher is covering in class, to help the students gain more information with fun yet educational way.

The activities are all planned to help the students gain basic coordination skills in using the mouse. He/she gets familiar with the computer which in our school is officially a part of the curriculum from Nursery.